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Most of us don’t have much healthcare insurance education, and we don’t know how much the services really cost. We ask friends for advice because we don’t want to be “sold”. We just want some good advice.

As consumers, we have been taught to choose between health insurance options that are very expensive for us and very profitable for health insurance providers. We have no price transparency for most of our healthcare goods and services. Co-pays and summaries of benefits have blinded us to all costs.

The fundamental concept behind insurance is to prevent financial disaster. The average American does not know how much or what type of health insurance to purchase, so we hope for the best and make a choice. Our goal is to help you:

  • Control Health Insurance Premium Costs
  • Learn secrets to Lowering Your Rates
  • Go to the doctor you want to see – tomorrow!

Things You Should Know About the Affordable Care Act

There are 32 million people in the United States who don’t have health insurance.  They may not be able to get it because of pre-existing conditions, they may not be able to afford it, they may have chosen not buy health insurance and 1 in 4 uninsured is an illegal immigrant.

Many uninsured people use the emergency room as their primary care MD which is an enormous financial drain on our health care system.

Effective 2012, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny or drop sick children from coverage.

Effective 2012, parents can keep their dependent children on the health insurance until they are 26 years old.

Affordable Care Act Learn More about the About the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts you.


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Get a Second Opinion

If you own a company or manage a company benefit plan, you know that renewals are never fun.

Did you know that your employees can help you LOWER your annual renewals?

It can be a team effort!  Your employees can help you control costs!  The first step toward cost control is education and awareness.  Until they know the rules, however, they can’t help you to help them!

Your health insurance broker shops and negotiates your health insurance each year.  They may also be able (on a limited basis due to HIPPA regulations) to manage some help with claim issues.

Learn how we can help you reduce Health Care Costs

Educational Initiatives

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The Law of Physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This rule also applies to health care and insurance. 

We encourage your employees to become engaged in their own healthcare because they will finally understand their choices and how the ways they manage their own health care impact NEW financial expenditures.

By giving employees the tools to understand the doctor's decision making processes, your employees will be empowered to engage in very real cost containment discussions in the physician’s office – when a change can be most easily affected. 

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We don’t sell insurance. We know the way the system works and we can share tips and tools to help you save money when you go insurance shopping.

Informed Decisions: Consumer Health Care Insurance Education Consulting

Need A Consult?

Instead of attempting to manage a problem that gets larger over time, we are providing a solution by educating consumers on how their daily health care choices impact their annual premium costs. Educated Decision Makers spend less money, are healthier and are more satisfied with their health insurance plans and choices.

My goal is to give you the same information the broker has. Before you go out and buy or renew your health insurance, you need to read this book. When you have the same information that your broker has, the same knowledge and understanding of rates, you may realize that there are a lot of ways to save money on health insurance premiums.

I talk to a lot of people who say that they are afraid to make changes because they feel that they use a lot of services. They see the insurance company EOBs, explanations of benefits, and payments being made to various medical service providers and know that the policy that they have is good. It helps to mediate the costs of the goods and services that they use.

The next year, when premiums go up, the same people seem surprised. The great insurance that paid out several thousand dollars is now raising rates several thousand dollars! This makes sense, though, because the insurance companies are for profit business entities. They are not going to just give their money away. They want it back, the next year, and get it back through increased premiums. Here are a few things you need to consider when shopping for healthcare insurance:

  • How much is the entire health insurance premium?
  • What does your health insurance cover?
  • What are your predictable costs each month?

Understanding the answers to these questions is the key to reducing your health insurance premiums by 40–50 percent. If your goal is to buy quality health insurance at an affordable price, this book can help you achieve your goal. The secret to achieving this objective is becoming better educated about the product you are buying. Educated health care consumers understand their own predictable costs and buy insurance that protects them against disaster. You don’t insure predictable costs – you budget for them.

It’s time to know what your parents know, know what your broker knows and know what the insurance companies know. The free market is not at work until the consumer has price sensitivity. If you don’t know how much the retail price of your prescription is, or how much your doctor charges for a sick visit, you have no price sensitivity. With prices hidden from view, we don’t have a free market. It’s time to take control and take back your money.

We love what we do! If you’d like to learn about Health Care Insurance Education and how we can transform how you feel about insurance, we’d love to hear from you!

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Katherine Woodfield, MBA

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