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Don’t Buy THAT Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer
Book Contents

Becoming an Educated Health Insurance Consumer Book Contents

A Call to Action: The Business Consumer and the Individual Consumer

  • Introduction: Why You Need to Read This Book
  • Issues and Solutions: Don’t Gamble with Your Health Insurance

Chapter 1: You Are Not the Beneficiary of Your Health Insurance

  • Insurance Fraud Launched “Coordinated Benefits”
  • Health Insurance Companies Consider Paying a Claim as a Loss of Income
  • The Answer to Why Your Health Insurance Rates Keep Increasing

Chapter 2: A Brief History of Health Insurance: The Birth of Your Financial Burden

  • In the Beginning, Health Insurance Was Not-for-Profit
  • Health Insurance as Compensation in Lieu of Wages
  • Employers Get a Tax Advantage in Return for Offering
  • Health Care Benefits
  • The Birth of Your Financial Burden: Catastrophic and Maintenance Coverage Combine
  • It’s Hard to Care Because You Are Blinded to the Cost
  • “Cost Shifting”: You Pay for Both the Premium and the Benefit
  • Posting Insurance Policies Online is No Substitute for Getting and Reading Your Policy in Writing
  • Transparency Through Standardization
  • Education is Voluntary, but Participation is Mandatory

Chapter 3: What’s the Big Secret?

  • No One is Policing the Profit-Oriented Health Insurance System
  • You Must Care and How You Can Effect Change

Chapter 4: When Did a Checkup Become a Financial Disaster?

  • Indemnify Against Disaster with an Indemnity Policy
  • The Difference Between “Managed Care” Contracts and Indemnity Policies
  • “I Didn’t See the Doctor at All Last Year: Why Should I Pay as Much as Someone Who Is at the Doctor’s All the Time?”
  • HMOs: The Monster That Ate Health Care
  • Free Market Economy Be Dammed; You Are Being Railroaded
  • Why Can’t You See the Doctors You Know and Want to See
  • The Educated Consumer Chooses the Doctor

Chapter 5: What the Health Insurance Companies Are Hiding: The Need for Transparency

  • How Much of Your Premium Goes to Administrative Overhead
  • Other Than the Health Insurance Industry, Can You
  • Name Any Other Industry When Invoices Are Issued with No Idea of What Will Be Paid?
  • Without an Audit, the Data Provided by the Health Insurance Industry Must Be Assumed to Be Bogus
  • How Do Managed Care Companies Compensate Contracted Doctors?
  • How Do Health Insurance Companies Compensate Their Top Executives?
  • Annual Compensation of Health Insurance Company Executives (2006 and 2007 Figures)

Chapter 6: Health Insurance is a Gamble: Wouldn’t You Rather Be the Casino?

  • How Much Does the Average Consumer Spend on Health Care
  • Deductibles: There Must Be a Reasonable Out-of-Pocket Risk or It Isn’t Insurance Anymore
  • What Are the Affordable Alternatives to Going Naked?

Chapter 7: How Health Insurance Companies Use Fear to Manipulate Your Decision Making

  • How Can the Average Person Know What Information Is Coming from Corporate Spin and What Information Is Real?
  • The Alphabet Soup of Health Insurance
  • Using Language Against You
  • What To Do When Your Doctor Does Not Accept Your Plan
  • Downgrade to an HMO: When Did Paying Less for Better Coverage Become a Downgrade?

Chapter 8: Insurance Agents: Your Ally or Your Enemy—Your Choice

Chapter 9: Voluntary Benefits: A Misnomer

  • Disability Insurance Protects You Against the Loss of Your Income
  • Other Sources of Income That Protect Your Assets When Illness or Accidents Happen

Chapter 10: Managing Predictable Costs

  • Dental Plans
  • Prescription Plans
  • Vision Plans

Chapter 11: Managing Seemingly Unmanageable Costs

  • What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills Immediately?
  • How You Are Conditioned by the Health Insurance Industry
  • You Are Manipulated into Buying More Health Insurance Than You Need

Chapter 12: Conclusion: The Power of the Educated Consumer

Chapter 13: The Workbook

  • Consumer-Driven Health Care: Why Do I Want to Pay for High-Deductible Health Insurance?
  • Answering the Naysayers
  • Examples to Frame Your Thinking for the Work Sheets
  • Your Needs and Your Background Research
  • Questions to Ask of Your Employer(s)
  • Health Insurance Plan Options
  • Dental Plan Options
  • Prescription Cost Comparison
  • Voluntary Benefit Costs and Options
  • Predictable Cost Management Summary

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