Educating Health Care Consumers About Controlling Thier Health Care Costs:
Makes Your Job as a Broker Easier


“Participation is Mandatory but Education is Voluntary”

The law mandates health insurance coverage that includes education. While the education is not specifically outlined, we have created a series of packages to help you understand how health insurance works. When you don’t know what you don’t know, we can help you!!


Monthly CDs and Webinars for Brokers

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Now is not the time to throw in the towel, now is the time to share your knowledge. Prospects or clients with fewer than 100 employees thinking about dissolving their health insurance plan and going over to the exchange? The end user consumers how to buy insurance and give them the tools to make smart buying decisions!

Prospects or clients totally confused by the changing face of healthcare?

Share your insights into how health insurance works with this turn-key kit! SELL your consulting services to PROSPECTS AND CLIENTS who WILL PAY for your insights and knowledge!

Health Insurance 101: The Broker's Consulting Tool Kit 

You will use this power point presentation over and over again.  First, you can use it on cold calls, in combination with the book "Don't Buy THAT Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer".  The copyrighted presentation walks the client down a path of little know but important facts that influence every end user's consumer decisions.  After your presentation, set up your next appointment a month later and leave the prospect a copy of the book.   The prospect will ask, "Why didn't my broker tell me all this?"


Second, you can charge a consulting fee (I charge $25 per person) for which the NEW CONSULTING CLIENT and each one of their employees gets a copy of the book, "Don't Buy THAT Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer". I run through the same presentation, Health Insurance 101, and I distribute the books to each employee instructing them to complete the workbook at the back of the book. 

If there are 25 employees, you charge $625. The books cost only $279, the webinar is already paid for (it’s how you got this second gig) so you net $346 for 2 hours of your time. Now you have a new consulting client whom you can meet with and charge on a monthly basis to educate himself and his staff on how changes in health care laws are going to affect their lives.

As an Insurance Broker YOU can turn your knowledge into CASH-FLOW now!

ACA Consultant Tools

12 Months of Educational Webinars

Broker/ Consultants are NEEDED AND CAN EARN A HEALTHY INCOME teaching prospects, clients and consumers via webinar about how to benefit, position themselves and navigate Health Care Reform.  Be the go-to consultant and keep these Webinars in front of your prospects!

Every month, PRODUCER-CLIENTS WILL RECEIVE the tools you need to offer a new educational webinar.  Want a reason to call a prospect?  Invite them to a health care reform webinar!  And, the easiest part, for only $199, we will send you 12 power point presentations, 1 each month!   We charge our consulting clients $200/ month to participate in the webinars - so the more you offer the more you can make! 

While I was at the consulting prospect, I usually set up a 12 month series and CHARGE $2,400/month PER ACCOUNT to open the webinar up to their employees on a monthly basis.  Not only are you getting a great prospecting tool that you can use month after month, you are also getting a super consulting tool that you can use to stay in front of your prospects!

Monthly Health Care Comsumer Education Topics cover:

  • ACA Updates
  • Consumer Protections Afforded YOU Under Health Care Reform
  • 10 Tips to a Healthier and Wealthier New Year
  • Prescriptions: Brand vs. Generics
  • In-Network and Out-Of-Network: What do you Really Need to Pay For?
  • The New and Evolving Role of Patient Advocates
  • Wellness Incentive Programs: What Really Works?
  • Insurance Companies: What is their Role in Health Care?
  • How do doctors and other care and service providers get paid?
  • HSA/ FSA/ HRA - How can you keep them straight?
  • Individuals and Health Insurance Exchanges: How Might You Benefit?
  • High Deductible Plans - Learn to Love Your Insurance
  • Why you are shopping for insurance all wrong!
  • What to do when you age off your parent's plan?
  • Why are doctors opting out of health insurance?


    Third Party Selling and Voluntary Benefits!

    The secret to getting the appointment is getting the phone prospect to UNDERSTAND THE NEED!  Don't just be another caller on the end of the phone!

    Stand out from the crowd!  Drop off or mail a copy of "Don't Buy THAT Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer"'s Voluntary Benefits Companion Workbook! Your prospect will get someone else's perspective on the value of volunteer benefits! 

    It has long been known that when you can reference a third party, draw your prospects attention to a published article, they will sell themselves because they trust articles you see in print!

    Not only does this workbook bring you into a real conversation with a prospect, but it also serves an as invaluable enrollment tool! Just like the prospect has trouble understanding the value of voluntary benefits, their employees also struggle with the concept!  That's why your prospects don't always enroll like you hope they will.

    At the enrollment, hand out a copy of the Voluntary Benefits Companion Workbook to every employee.  BEFORE you begin the presentation, go through the text of the Companion Workbook and make sure that everyone understands why they are being offered these benefits.  Make sure you have them highlight the key influencers and THEN go on to outline the benefits you are offering today!

    We love what we do! If you’d like to learn about Health Care Insurance Education and how we can transform how you feel about insurance, we’d love to hear from you!

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