Consumer Health Education Quiz

Take a few minutes to take the following quiz:
  1. Do you know the total monthly cost of your health insurance premium?

  2. If your employer pays a portion of your health insurance premium, do you know what percent you each pay?

  3. How many times did you or a dependent family member go to the doctor last year for a visit OTHER than a check-up?

  4. Do you know the price your family doctor charges for a cash paying patient basic sick visit?

  5. Do you fill any prescriptions on a monthly basis?

  6. Do you know the retail cost of the prescriptions you fill on a monthly basis?

  7. Do you participate in the annual health insurance purchase decision by either attending the enrollment meeting, participating in a conference call, reading over the plan options or in some other way learning more about your health care each year?

  8. How much do you know about the Affordable Care Act?

  9. Have you ever worked with a patient advocate to resolve an insurance or health care question?

  10. Do you work with a health insurance broker to buy your health insurance?

  11. Have you ever used the services of a non-traditional health care provider? (i.e., massage therapy, acupuncture, a walk-in retail store medical professional such as a Nurse Practitioner)