Don’t Buy THAT Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer
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Keep the Insurance Monster from eating your all your income!

Keep the Insurance Monster from eating your Income

As consumers, we have been taught to choose between health insurance options that are very expensive for us and very profitable for health insurance providers.  We have no price transparency for most of our healthcare goods and services. Co-pays and summaries of benefits have blinded us to all costs.  The fundamental concept behind insurance is to prevent financial disaster.  The average American does not know how much or what type of health insurance to purchase, so we hope for the best and make a choice

The direct benefits to employers with:

  • Commercial plans-  is a lower the portion of insurance premiums paid by the company to a third party Insurance Agency
  • Self-funded employers and plans- the savings will be seen in fewer claims at lower costs due to more effective prevention and improved health in the covered pool of people. 

Informed Decisions: Consumer Health Insurance Education Consulting
Instead of attempting to manage a problem that gets larger over time, we are providing a solution by educating your employees on how their daily health care choices impact their annual premium costs. Educated Decision Makers spend less money, are healthier and are more satisfied with their health insurance plans and choices.

  • Company Specific Needs Analysis:  While we know where universal knowledge gaps exist in health insurance understanding, we employ a blinded survey to uncover your employees specific areas of misunderstanding, unhappiness and confusion.
  • Initial 2 Hour Educational Forum: for employees launching a Foundation for Understanding how health insurance works and expanding the consumer’s individual knowledge of how they can benefit by the new health care laws
  • Training Materials: include a copy of “Don’t Buy THAT Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer” and the Companion Enrollment Guide for each employee.
  • Periodic Training Webinars: expanding and reinforcing the initial Educational Forum.

Lori Denham

Northern Nevada Insurance Agency

Northern Nevada Insurance Agency delivers the complete package. they area direct business-to-consumer agency that provides web based insurance information to individuals, families, and small businesses alike.


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